Alanya is one of the most charming resorts on Turkish Riviera boasting a magnificent historical heritage and excellent tourist attractions: such as Alanya castle, Damlataş cave, Manavgat waterfall, three Ancient cities, etc. etc. The region is very rich in remains of ancient cultures and natural beauty.

Lying at the foot of the magnificent Taurus Mountains, Alanya is a town of two bays divided by rocky promontory. The headland is crowded by a mighty Ottoman Fortress and just below lies the delightful harbour, guarded by the 13th century octagonal Red Tower. The base of pennisula is a honeycomb of sea caves. You can visit them by boat, or you can walk through the most famous Damlataş caves, which contain spectacular stalactites and stalagmites, and whose moist atmosphere is said to relieve asthma and chest complaints. There are two beaches in Alanya, Cleopatra, it drops steeply into the sea in places, so less confident swimmers would be better on Alanya beach, a long expanse of sand and fine pepples.

Alanya is teaming with restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines and most of them are on the harbourside. Much of Alanya’s social life revolves around the herbour and many of the bars stay open until late.

This is a wonderful place to live with the culture and natural beauty, this town does already have quite a strong British community in place.




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