Buying a Turkish Off-Plan Property

With off Plan purchases you are sure to have an excellent return from your investment .

Buying off-plan is always the best opportunity to find a property at an attractive price and potential. The earlier you buy, the less money you pay. You would sign the preliminary contract and at the same time before the end of the construction, you have the right to re-sale your property. Prices increase from the development and additional market growth. If you re-sale your apartment at the end of the construction you can gain up to 50% from your investment.

You will have the opportunity to define the objectives of your research and find your next perfect home directly from property developers. It can be a property in a new region with incredible potential.

Buying an off-plan property is one of the best ways to have the property of your dream, with the new advanced technologies, materials that are used for construction (…). And in the same time, you benefit because you have the chance to choose the best view, orientation and position of your home.

Another great opportunity with off plan purchase is the potential of rental incomes. The Buy to Let market, one of the great success stories of the last ten years, has produced a growing band of happy investors buoyed up by the delights of solid capital growth and respectable rental incomes.

So, buy an off plan with the potential of gaining a second income, buy an off plan and enjoy a new life style.

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