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Antalya is like a song that fills you with a sense of wonder, a place to live in the moment and create memories as you share the laughter carried on the wind at sunset. The sights and sounds become engraved on your memory

while your longing for Antalya will bring you back once more. This is the city of smiling, warm hearted people.

Now a new life is starting in Lara, reflecting the lifestyle of Antalya. Riverside Residence is opening its doors to contribute value to such a great city with social facilities, 24/7 security, open parking space, housing resistant to earthquakes, playgrounds for children, swimming pools, green spaces and landscaped gardens. 

A different stroke

NCT Construction aims not only to provide people with housing but to open the door to a new way of life. We want you to experience comfort, peace and quality with your home investment.  The experience and customer satisfaction approach of our affiliated companies and the past and future projects of NCT Construction have the vision to create a different style in Antalya.  We

offer you the opportunity to take part in the change. Lets build a better future together.

Reliability, experience and quality

NCT Construction has assumed the mission of producing projects that are sensitive to the needs of the individual and the family and that contribute value and prestige to the environment. NCT Construction is in a process of continuous change, adopting the latest technologies, to fulfill changing customer expectations and since being established, has successfully completed many construction projects. NCT Construction combines its superior quality and service approach and modern architectural technology with an expert staff, aiming to build custom living spaces.


All of the details of Riverside Residence have been planned to make your life easier. At Riverside Residence, with its apartments, social facilities, swimming pools, walking routes and playgrounds,

you will be able to exercise, while your children spend as much time as they like on the playground

with their friends.


Riverside Residence has been constructed to be safe and secure, according to the earthquake safety regulations. With fire and natural gas alarms, security walls and monitored vehicle and pedestrian entrances,

the residents of Riverside Residence will have the priviledge of living in a safe community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


As soon as you step into your home at Riverside Residence, you will feel the warmth of comfort. The noise and heat isolated flooring and exterior walls, electric motorised window shutters, specially designed kitchens, bathrooms and interior doors, fitted kitchens and wood covered steel front doors

have been designed especially for you at Riverside Residence, where aesthetics and quality come together.

Living Room

Enjoy life to the fullest with warm conversations


Modern and elegant design


May the magic of dreams surround you

Children's Rooms

The colourful world of children 

Facts about the Estate

ñProject land area: 4,600m2

ñ70% green spaces

ñ2 blocks (6 storey) total 72 apartments (36 apartments per block)


ñ50 m from the Lara Kundu tourism road

ñ300 m from the sea

ñ15 minutes drive to the airport

ñ10 to 15 minutes drive to the Antalya city centre

ñSemi olympic swimming pool


ñFitness center, sauna, Turkish bath

ñCafeteria, reception and lobby

ñOpen air parking, panoramic elevators, generator, 24 hour security

ñTennis court and basketball court

Apartment Details

ñFitted kitchens

ñWooden interior door

ñSteel front door

ñWooden kitchen fittings

ñModern bathrooms

ñDressing room

ñSplit air conditioners

ñElectric motorised shutters

The island from which the Kekova region gets its name lies parallel to the coast between the Kaleköy (Simena) and Uçağız (Teimiusa) villages and is approximately 7.4 km long and 500 m wide. The highest point of the island is 188 m above sea level, while the deepest point of the channel that seperates the island from the mainland is 105 m deep. Kekova has become well known in recent years both due to tourism and for conservation.  The boat trips in the area are known as Kekova tours, while more significantly, the island and surrounding archeological and natural conservation areas have become protected areas.

Kekova has the cleanest beaches not only of Antalya, but of the entire Mediterranean region and undoubtably, this is due to the protected status of the area. Foreign visitors have expressed their support to the protection and conservation of the area, which has become an example of international conservation for Turkey. Kekova island has never been a large residential area, but has protected the two small harbours on the other side from the Mediterranean, acting as a safe haven for sailors, a place for building and repairing ships. The archeological remains on the Northwest shore of the island, which is known as the "sunken city" in the area, has been used as a commercial and military base from the 5th century BC and is is most colorful place in Kekova. The drydock bay is great for swimming and is also the area in which archeological remains are most frequently found, being home to the remains of a Byzantine era basilica. The area known as the sunken city consists mainly of ancient building remains carved into the rock and their underwater foundations. The fact that these structures are now submerged can be explained by an earthquake that caused this corner of the island to slide towards the mainland.

The ancient cities of the Pamphilia region known today are Perge and Aspendos. Perge was a province of the Roman Empire that spread out over a large part of the Pamphilia region. The city was a unique blend of ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine cultures. The city boasts ancient Roman baths, an agora, columned street and the only amphitheatre in the world that has remained untouched since ancient times.  The amphitheatre built in the 2nd century AD seats 15,000 people. While in ancient times the amphitheatre hosted gladiator bouts, nowadays it is used in the summer for opera and ballet performances by the Ministry of Culture. The aquaduct that dates to the same period used to carry water to the city of Aspendos. After a break for photos at the aquaduct, we will move on to the old Seljuk era bridge spanning the ancient Euromedon river. The Aspendos bridge is a significant example of Seljuk bridge building and is magnificent today after the extensive restoration works.  The Kurşunlu waterfall and national park is breathtaking with its hundreds of species of plants and 20 metre high waterfall.

Sports Activities

Antalya enjoys all 4 seasons simultaneously due to its geographical location; after swimming in the sea in Antalya, you can travel 50 km to Saklıkent for skiing. The Saklıkent Skiing Centre is within the Antalya province, on the Beydağları region of the Taurus mountains. The altitude rises from 600 to 3,086 m and are of special interest to geologists and geographers. The main peaks in the range are Tekedoruğu, Bakırlı Dağ, Tahtalıdağ and Kızlar peak. Kızlar peak is the highest in the area at 3,086 m. Mountaineers reach this peak through the Çamkuru valley, with its cover of cedar forests.  The climb may be completed in a single day. Manavgat, which is another important centre of tourism in Antalya, is upon the Manavgat River, which is great for rafting. Köprüçay, Manavgat River and the shores of Antalya are also renowned for scuba diving. The Antalya shorelines and plateaus are home to variety of birds, including partridges, pheasants, wood pigeons, quails turtledoves and the rocky parts and valleys are home to wild doves, curlews, francolins and blackbirds. 

Many wild geese and ducks living in the lakes and ponds will come down to the coast for the winter. Deer, foxes, weasels, fallow deer, squirrels and wild goats live in the forests on the coast while bears and wolves are found in the mountainous areas. The waters of Antalya boast a wide variety of fish as well. The akay, amberjack, bream, fangi, barracuda, rockfish, annular bream, mackarel, swordfish and gurnard, as well as the Mediterranean white groper are especially tasty. Where rivers meet the sea you will find bass and grey mullet. You can also catch pike, halibut, picarel, bözek, lobster and crawfish.

Antalya is paradise for trout. Apart from the trout found in the many streams and rivers in the area, you can also find bass, grey mullet, carp and eels. Antalya Kemer also has a variety of forest camps aimed at young people.


The ancient city of Olympos is named after Mount Olympos, currently known as Tahtalı. Mount Tahtalı is located 10 km North of the city and is home to the burning stone, a perpetual flame.

Olympos was one of the most important cities of the Lyceaen civilization. The oldest buildings in the city were constructed in the Helenistic period, around 300 BC. We know that at the beginning of his campaign, Alexander the Great spent the winter in Phaselis, which is very near to Olympos.

Olympos is first mentioned in written records in 78 BC, when the Roman governor of Sicily, Servilius Vatia, defeated the most notorious pirate of the age, Zenicetes. Zenicetes had secret bases in Porto, Genua and Sazak, maintaining control of the Mediterranean coast, but his headquarters were is Olympos. After the city was retaken by Rome, it was announced as "ager publicus" (Roman property to be sold or leased).

It is said that the pirates held sacrifices and secret ceremonies for the Persian goddess Mitras. Mitras was widely worshipped in the East and is the Persian goddess of pure spirit and light.

In 43 AD Lycea became part of the Roman Empire. Olympos would frequently hold festivals honouring Hephaistos, the Greek God believed to be the protector of the city. It is recorded that Emperor Hadrianus visited the city in 130 AD.

During the process of the adoption of Christianity by the Roman Empire, Olympos had a bishop. From the 3rd century AD onwards, the population of the city was halved due to pirate raids and the significance of the city faded.

The city was rebuilt in the 11th and 12th centuries by the Genoese, Venetians and Knights of Rhodes and was used as a commercial port during the crusades. When the city was taken by the Ottoman Empire, establishing control of the East Mediterranean in the 15th century, it was deserted.

Olimpos is now part of the Olympos-Bey Dağları National Park on the South coast of Turkey, within the Antalya province. The Bey Dağları Mouıntains are located in the West wing of the Taurus Mountains. From the heights, you can see the deep green pine and cedar forests and the turquiose glint of the Mediterranean.

Happiness and Peace at Riverside Residence

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